An Excerpt From “The Avon Dynasty”


            Phil Prince was the cherry on Avon's cake.  He was their most infamous director, and the most out of control.  Phil was a huge, dark haired, Irish American from the Bronx.  Phil's best friend and confidant was fellow Avon employee Pat Rodgers, a Methadone addicted, perverted, tubercular old man.  For a small, sickly looking weasel, Pat had committed many violent crimes, particularly armed robbery, frequently landing in stir.  Pat was a closet homosexual who claimed to be "straight... but I like to experiment."  Phil looked up to Pat, and Pat gave Phil confidence.  The popular rumor was that Pat and Phil were lovers, with Pat playing the male role and Phil crossdressing to his delight.


            Phil had a wife with whom he performed live shows.  His reputation was his showstopping come shot aimed directly at the audience, once beaning an unfortunate Popeye between the eyes three rows away.  Phil's show was such a sensation that photos of him humping his wife festooned the front of the Bryant Theater, along with a few choice shots of Stella munching bonbons from her fifties cheesecake heyday.


            But that wasn't what was shocking about Phil's life.  Adding to the chaos that was Phil was the murder of his wife.  One minute she was sitting home with two friends.  The next minute Phil was calling 911, saying that he had discovered a rampage slaying.  Phil was the primary suspect.  Pat ran a close second because of his history of firearms use.  Phil toughed it out and was cleared, but everyone had their doubts about him.  One employee remembered that all Phil could talk about the day after the murders was the insurance money he was going to collect.


            Regardless of Phil's actual guilt or innocence, the bloodletting had run its course.  Anyone who's seen a real sacrifice knows how impossible it is to forget the image and how easy it is to reproduce.  It comes out just like piss.


            After the murders, Stella buried Phil behind a desk in the Avon office at the Bryant Theater, where it would be more difficult for him to get into trouble.  Phil wanted to move up in the Avon hierarchy.  He wanted to be something in life.  So what if people thought he was a cretin and a murderer.  He'd use it to his advantage.  If people wanted to be freaked out and shocked, he could do it.