Inside Kinemtacs: New York’s Biggest S&M Emporium 

A History of Fetish Times  

Satan’s Sideman:  The Wigged out World of Deep Throat creator Gerard Damiano – The first complete history of Gerry’s career from his first softcore features in the late 1960 to his porno chic hits of the 1970s like The Devil in Miss Jones and The Story of Joanna through the video era 

Vintage Pictorial:  Inside an All-Female Dude Ranch 

Tattooed:  Artist Robert Hawkins Interviewed 

Subversive Cinema:  Love Me Deadly 

A Night with the Projectionist at Times Square’s Venus Theater:  Showing such roughie classics as Ride a Cock Horse with John Holmes; Teenage Fantasies with Rene Bond; Country Girls with John Holmes and Jim Cassidy; Vanessa Del Rio in Two Senioritas; Bob (The Love Thrill Murders) Roberts’ The Big Man and many others. 

Meta Rx:  Dilaudid – The physical, sexual and mental effects of this prized narcotic. 

. . .  and much, much more.  Over 50 pages with 100 illustrations, including original photographs of Times Square by Michelle Clifford, vintage adult theater ads, movie stills, classic S&M artwork by Eric Stanton, Carlo, Bill Ward and Georges Pichard. 

“The first issue is out, and I’m already itching for the second to appear.  This is sex with a brain, which is something all too rare….  Editor Michelle Clifford has written for Film Comment and The Village Voice and what distinguishes her publication is the amount of research she does, both factual and photographic. There’s plenty more of interest to anyone desiring a behind the scenes look at the adult entertainment industry.  John Held, Factsheet Five 

“This journal of sexual curiosity is written by editor Clifford and hubbie Bill Landis – the grand inquisitor of the seminal Sleazoid Express.  Without question, some of the best writing on the sleaze-scene currently available. – Shock Cinema  

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