An issue devoted to Roughie films and the people who brought them to life

The Avon Dynasty:  The history of Phil Prince and Times Square’s most notorious S&M film factory/adult theater chain, including:

The Avon films Dominatrix Without Mercy, The Taming of Rebecca, Kneel Before Me, and others.

The performers, directors, and behind the curtains characters including Chelly Wilson, Joe Davian, Shaun Costello, George Payne, Sharon Mitchell, Mistress Candice, and the whole Avon gang. 

Kink Loops:  The most bizarre 1970s peep booth movies – Lasse Braun, Roxbury Press, RDF, TAO including the Serena classics Girls Behind Bars and The Switch Miss

 Vintage 1970s Pictorial:  Topless Shoeshine Girls

Underneath the Big Top:  The Story of a Second-Class Stud:  Roughie Actor Dave Ruby

 Black and Blue: The Roughie Theaters of Times Square:  Rialto, Doll, Big Apple, Globe, Venus, Cameo, Capri, Bryant, Avon 7, Lincoln Art; and the films they showed, including Climax of Blue Power, The Abduction of Lorelei with Serena, Bob Cresse’s Love Slaves, Waterpower with Jamie Gillis, The Double Exposure of Holly with Jamie Gillis and Terri Hall and many others.

 Subversive Cinema:

The degradation of a dimwitted stud in Two Days in a Hot Place

The ye olde English torture dungeon of Poor Cecily

 Zebedy Colt ’76:  The year in the life of a bisexual S&M dynamo that had Zebedy starring, writing and directing such classic roughie psychodramas as The Affairs of Janice, Unwilling Lovers, The Devil Inside Her and Sex Wish.

 . . . and much more.  Over 60 pages with 100 illustrations, including original photographs of the Times Square roughie grindhouses by Michelle Clifford, movie stills from kink loops and Avon films, and vintage adult theater ads.

 “A treasure trove for fans of what is commonly referred to as "Golden Era" pornography--the '70s and early '80s. The second installment features the characteristically high standard of research and writing” -- Sam Gains, Eye Magazine

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